Coaching Services

My team and I are experienced and well-placed to help business executives strengthen the organizations they lead. A thorough analysis is conducted to discover what services and solutions best align with your business goals. Each service confronts the particular issue affecting the organization and ultimately closes the gap and concerns that are preventing your business from achieving desired outcomes. Below you will find the services that can help your organization and your team as a whole, obtain the necessary growth needed to acquire business profitability.

The services that I am able to provide business leaders and executives can bring necessary personal transformation, as well as a necessary transformation for the businesses they are leading. To discover which services are best suited for the needs of your business, please contact me, Maggie Jean, and my team of dedicated professionals today.

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Leadership Development

Leaders are developed daily and successfully lead from the front. Leaders are compassionate. Leaders provide direction and can assign responsibilities to the right team members. Good leaders also learn how to work under great pressure. Lastly leaders must know how to empower their teams and constantly encourage them through effective feedback that would better enable them to improve their performance. Other qualities of a powerful leader include improving productivity among team members, being of good moral standing and understanding the importance of having priorities and knowing how to use and allocate resources appropriately.

Leaders need support to fulfill the goals of the organization. To ensure your leadership team has the skill set to empower your business to a path of exponential growth, contact Maggie Jean Coaching. Your team will increase in confidence to work through obstacles obstructing people and business growth.

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Leadership Round Tables Group Training and Development

What's a Good Leader Without His/Her Team?

Key focused of our Leadership Round Tables Group Training and Development for Senior Leadership and Teams:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of leadership teams
  • Develop the transformational leader within for your executive team members
  • Develop the transformational leaders around your top leadership team
  • Establish alignment around your transformational vision with alternative strategic pathways for implementation
  • Unlock growth potential with a leadership team committed to cultural transformations that promote empowerment and innovation
  • Effective communications and team leadership for delivering on a transformational vision

In addition, team members are qualified and skilled to offer Strategic Consulting for Energy Industry Executives:

  • A fresh inter-disciplinary approach to address the growing inter-dependency among the different energy industry segments: upstream, midstream and downstream; Oil & Gas and Power & Renewables; utilities, supermajors and financials
  • Highly effective stakeholders engagement approach to facilitate optimal contribution from in-house subject matter experts and executive sponsors
  • Robust change management methods that balance financial goals with transformative organizational and cultural shifts
  • Competitive assessments, strategic roadmaps, business cases, and organizational structures that facilitate the realization of transformational visions.

A fully-empowered, high performing team will be focused on delivering business goals. Strengthen your teams through our round tables group training and development and reap top line revenue from first class performance!

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Personality Behavior Consulting

Every Team Member is Unique. Discover How Personality Traits Play An Important Role On The Growth of A Business

As a DISC Consultant I will help you learn, understand and become more aware of who you are. What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your personal and business relationships? What if you could finally understand how to communicate with your team, bring out the best in them and accelerate your financial results?

  • Learn how your personality, passion and purpose are all connected
  • DISCover how to become aware of blind spots that obstruct growth in all areas of your life
  • Learn to leverage your passion, strengths, challenges to accelerate life and business goals
  • Learn to communicate and connect and empower those who are different
  • Learn effective strategies to handle conflicts, disagreements and difficult situations
  • Recognize your strengths, challenges and overcome shortcomings to set you on a clear path for personal and professional growth

Each team member thinks and communicates differently and has distinct characteristics that form their personality. This ultimately affects work performance. To discover how your team member's personality can help you achieve business goals, contact me and my team of experts to conduct personality behavior assessments.

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Sales Training

Sales Goals Can Be Challenging To Achieve. Motivate Your Sales Professionals Through A Dedicated Sales Training Program Meant To Produce Awe-Inspiring Results

Reaching sales goals in a timely manner is a responsibility that many professionals perform on a daily basis. Selling a certain amount of products and services in a given time period is a task that can be overwhelming for even the most experienced professional. Imagine what a novice sales professional feels when he or she is tasked to sell a certain amount of goods and services in a given time period. The professional may feel incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of items they must sell to perform well. Such pressure can have a devastating effect on the confidence levels of professionals tasked with sales responsibilities. My coaching provides the most detailed and informative strategies that help troubled sales associates meet company goals. I am able to provide sales skills, develop a plant to ensure sales goals are met, create strategies that can help sales associates perform through a variety of methods.

These include negotiating skills, understanding target markets, understanding data and metrics, building trust and honing listening capabilities. These are just some of the ways sales professionals can strengthen their skills and reach sales goals. I can empower your sales team through current and innovative sales training that will yield results you are searching for.

Empower your sales professionals and give them the confidence necessary to reach sales goals by providing a comprehensive sales training program. Myself and my team of experts can provide a unique program to your business and ensure your sales teams are equipped to deliver the results you are seeking for your organization.

360 Culture Assessment

Your Company’s Culture Can Tell So Much About Business Growth. See If Your Organization’s Culture Is Affecting Its Success.

Business leaders and associates alike tend to be preoccupied with numerous responsibilities to ensure a business succeeds. They look at relevant data and create strategies to ensure business growth, but often, such strategies do not include assessing company culture. There should be strategies developed to understand an organization’s culture. If there is not an understanding about how employees interact, how they perceive each other, and how they perceive their leaders, then it is difficult to make certain that a business obtains constant financial growth.

Assessing how leaders interact with associates, as well as assessing how strong communication is between employees and other relevant stakeholders, can provide leadership with great insight and create strategies to ensure that company culture remains strong. When an organization's culture is adequate, that is if there is a positive work environment, associates are cordial with one another, leadership provides respect and proper guidance, then proper growth is obtained. It is essential to foster a positive culture to ensure business goals are met. A positive culture ultimately helps the image of a business and helps retain talented individuals in a company.

Do you have a good understanding of your organization's culture? Do you know how your employees feel, how your leadership team feels on certain topics and issues affecting your business. I can assess your company’s culture and provide business leaders insight on how to solve issues that are preventing your organization from growing. Contact us to obtain a detailed 360 culture assessment for your business today.

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Culture and Diversification

A Diverse Workplace Promotes Business Growth. Learn How To Empower Your Company’s Culture Through The Benefits of Diversification

Culture and Diversity in the workplace is essential for growth. Diversity is the power of having a different point of view and respects the differences that we have among each other, including differences in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, education among other important markers. These markers can empower organizations. There are a number of strategies that we can assist business leaders in developing regarding culture and diversification.

  • Is your organization complying with federal laws regarding culture and employment?
  • Are you attracting a diverse pool of prospective employees?
  • Is your organization providing a positive environment to all individuals regardless of demographic differences?

The benefits of having a diverse workplace are numerous, including innovation, productivity and most importantly growth. A diverse workplace can help your business growth by reaching international markets, for example. The power of diversity and its benefits regarding growth should not be underestimated. I can assist business leaders reach proper levels of diversification through a well-developed plan to comply with federal law and enrich your organization.

Are you searching for ways to improve your company’s culture through diversification? I am able to create a concise plan to assist business leaders in complying with federal law as well as creating measures that will enhance diversity in your workplace organically. Contact me, Maggie Jean, and my team of experts to start making the steps necessary to strengthen your company’s culture today.

Maxwell Method of Impact Reports

Assessments are Key to Understanding the Condition of Your Business. Determine Which Assessments Provide the Most Clarity for You.

I am a proud partner of the John Maxwell Team. Through this great partnership, I have been able to provide business leaders with the right guidance to steer their respective businesses in the right direction. The programs that my team and I have been able to develop are strengthened by the innovative and insightful assessments that provide answers to the questions that many business leaders have regarding the growth of their businesses. Such assessments that I utilize include the Maxwell Method of Impact Reports. These reports analyze personality traits inspired by prominent DISC assessments.

These traits include the dominant, the influencing, the steady, and the compliant.

By analyzing these personality traits, companies can understand their leadership capabilities, improve team collaboration and communication, as well as improve work productivity. There are a multitude of Maxwell impact reports that I utilize to analyze how well business professionals are performing. They include Maxwell Method Sales Impact Report, the Maxwell Method Sales Leadership Impact Report, the Maxwell Method Entrepreneur Impact Reports, and the Maxwell Method Team Impact Report. All of these reports provide great insights executives are searching for to ultimately help their respective businesses thrive.

There are numerous assessments that business leaders can utilize to determine the condition of an organization's culture, financial health, productivity of employees, among other relevant information. I can help you determine which assessment is right for you by utilizing the Maxwell Method of Impact Reports and other relevant evaluation methods. Contact us to help you determine which assessments are appropriate for your organization today.

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